Eikin has been specialized in ultra thin layer as a part of the world of Nano Technology. Passive and active nano layer gives every type of surfaces different functions. So surfaces get water-, grease-, dirt- and lime-repellant, can clean themselves, get fire proof, odor neutralizing and much more.

Indeed pre cleaning of the surfaces is very important, therefore we can purify almost every kind of surface with our cleaning and preparatory utensils. Another advantage is, that our technic as well as our products, that are made of completely natural raw, are not harming neither on humans nor on any living thing.

Our protection layers prevent from fungus and mold especially on health sector, farming and other sensitive environment, and also exterminate bacterium and viruses.

Important subjects, like every kind of inner and outer structur, various industrial sectors, public transportation and cultural estate, and also valuable goods are being protected by us in a long-term, effective and economic way.

With keeping the surfaces of energy sectors clean, we increase efficiency and thus we safe energy. By pursuiting latest developments, we offer you smart and multi functional nano surface protection technology.

Everyone interested in the technology of the future, can be a business partner or create his own brand.


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A new telephone test          

Partnerimiz ATA-SAN "SCREENCARES" markasıyla telefon...
Nano yüzey koruma sıvılarımızı "SCREENCARES" marka ismiyle akıllı telefonlara ve çeşitli aksesuarlara tüketici ürünleri sunan ATA-SAN TİC.LTD.ŞTİ. iç ve dış pazarlarda başarılı şekilde yerini aldı. Başarılarının devamını dileriz.

Nanoaktif markamız ile ilk perakende ürünlerimiz çıktı.
"nanoaktif" markası altında son kullanıcıya hitap eden nano yüzey koruma kaplama katmanlı ilk ürünlerimiz müşterilerimizle buluşmaya hazır. İndirimli tanıtım fiyatlarla nano koruma ürünlerimizi sizlere sunuyoruz.

Kimyasalsız, tamamen doğal araç temizleme...
Yeni bir iş yapmak istiyorum ama fazla sermayem yok diyenlere doğan bir fırsat. Doğal ve tamamen kimyasalsız ve susuz araç temizleme ve nano bakım ürünleriyle çok küçük bir yatırımla atılım yapabilirsiniz. Arayın sizi bilgilendirelim. Su israfı yok, çevreye zarar yok, Çizilme yok. Zararsız, çevreci ve kolay kulanılır.

Nano protection for bee hives...
We were happy to conclude our one year study with Bursa University. While the result is of great importance to all beekeepers, it is more closely related to those who are organic beekeepers. The paint (and what ever is contained in it) used to protect the hives against external influences is no longer needed. The hives covered with the nano protection product are protected against external influences for a long time and the humidity inside the hive is provided and thus some bee diseases are being cut off.

Eikin Nano distribution area has been extended...
Because of EikiN Nano´s successful cooperation the status CCM Central Asia is given and Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan have been added.

Nano product with our protection liquid is on market.
One of our partners has created a telefon, tablet and TV protection product which is now available. We wish him good luck and a good business. You can watch the video in our "Gallery" page.

Our new generation nano catalog...
A brand new generation of in-depth effective and long-lasting SiO2 Nano products are now in our ALGT catalog ('Database' page). Only we offer these products!

EikiN is now disributor for BioSativa in Turkey.
EikiN Nano Uygulama Eğitim Temizlik Toptan Tic. San. is now distributor in Turkey for BioSativa which has won in 2012 the Environmental Award of Europe and UK. It is natural without any solvent and environmentally friendly .

EikiN got the latest application technics from Germany.
By participating to seminars in Germany we have gathered, for our valued customers, the latest information and introduction of a new generation of passive products and application techniques.

Environmental Award 2013 for BioSativa.
BIOSATIVA® the award winning Bio-Cleaner, was presented with an IT INNOVATION AWARD by Germany’s “Initiative Mittelstand”.

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